Project title: Growth and development of the cluster partners ”Construct Cluster Oltenia”

Proiect cofinanţat prin Fondul European de Dezvoltare Regională


Strategic objectives

Developing collaboration and increasing trade relations between partnerships in order to achieve economical and social development of the region.

Developing competitiveness in the region, entering new markets through complex actions internationalization and participation in business events, mainly in countries of the European Union and beyond.

Attracting foreign investments in the region by conducting missions to identify business partners and attracting economical missions to establish business partnerships and make investments with foreign capital.

Respect for the principle of equal opportunities and sustainable development.

Business environment development in the South West region through the creation of business centers, industrial parks and logistics centers for intermodal passenger and goods in areas of confluence of transportation networks, achieving a platform for research, development innovation and facilitating technology transfer and innovation by the private sector .

Attracting European funds for the development of production activities but also services.

Qualification, training and specialization of labor in the construction sector and related sectors, especially in the production of construction materials.