Craiova; Str. Sararilor; Nr. 31 ( in incinta Comat )
Telefon: 0371 088 877;
Fax: 0251 545 545;
Mobil: 0724 382 175;
072PROFILE ( 0727 763 453 )
Persoana de contact: Cosmin Pencu



Feroplast company was founded in 2007 by a team of professionals in windows and doors, aimed mainly at providing quality raw materials and services for manufacturers of PVC windows and doors.
Soon, we’ve became one of the most important players on the market in Romania, with close and fruitful cooperation with companies from Germany, Austria, Hungary, Turkey, Moldova and Bulgaria.
Next, we want to be your reliable partner and our work to support and develop the most progress and profitability of your company.
For any solutions and materials, with confidence, don’t hesitate to contact us!