Eveniment de networking la Ambasada României cu prilejul vizitei delegației economice din județul Dolj

La 22 mai 2015, Ambasada României la Londra a organizat un eveniment de networking, în contextul prezenței la Londra a unei delegații economice din județul Dolj.La eveniment au participat primarul municipiului Craiova, Lia Olguţa Vasilescu, preşedintele Consiliului Judeţean Dolj, Ion Prioteasa și Dragoș Andrei, Reprezentantul României la BERD.În mesajul adresat celor peste 30 de reprezentanți ai companiilor românești și britanice, Ambasadorul României, Dr Ion Jinga, a subliniat evoluţiile pozitive înregistrate în relațiile economice bilaterale și rolul parteneriatelor dintre autoritățile locale din România și Marea Britanie.

Ambasadorul României a remarcat rezultatele vizitei delegației județului Dolj în Marea Britanie, trei companii britanice exprimandu-și interesul de a realiza investiții, în perioada următoare, în cadrul Parcului Industrial Craiova.Cu această ocazie, au fost identificate o serie de oportunități pentru companiile românești, îndeosebi din perspectiva creșterii exportului de produse, transfer tehnologic și colaborare în proiecte comune româno-britanice. Totodată, a fost abordată posibilitatea organizării unei noi misiuni economice, în marja participării românești la targul internațional Advanced Engineering UK 2015, în a doua parte a acestui an, alcătuită din companii românești din județul Dolj.

Presedintele clusterului dl Marian Petcu a facut parte din delegatia respectiva.

Why Romania?

In March 2013 the Dolj region of Romania signed an Accord with Hampshire County Council. Following this initiative Hampshire Chamber joined forces with Calin Huma CEO of BRIDGE to maximise the business opportunities arising from this link.  By the end of 2014 we had links with 41 Romania Chambers of Commerce mirroring the Memorandum of Understanding signed with Dolj Chamber in July 2013

Review of May 2015 visit:

We were delighted to welcome over 20 officials and business representatives from the City of Craiova to Hampshire. The visit was very productive in terms of business agreements signed, new interest and media coverage 2 programmes were shown on Romanian TV as below and the video of the BBC South Today feature on the visit will be uploaded shortly.

https://youtu.be/V0qIYmwKeAI ; 


We also had coverage in the Daily Echo and Portsmouth News

For a review of the visit click here

See how some of our members got on in Craiova in Jul 2014 in the documentaries below produced by BBC South Today

Video 1

Video 2

Exhibiting in Romania 

Hampshire Chamber with BRIDGE have arranged with the City of Craiova a facility for UK businesses to exhibit products, services or even to open additional offices in a new purpose built exhibition complex in Craiova.

Any company that wants to explore potential sales or partnerships can take a space or office at a very low cost giving access to direct interaction with potential customers.

How does it work?

You bring your physical product or promotional stand/materials for your services and select and arrange the appropriate space and display. You will stay two or three days and train a student from the University of Craiova, with which we have a partnership. He/she will not only continue to manage exhibiting and explaining your products/services, but will also try to attract and interact with potential customers and send you periodical reports and continually interface between you and your customers throughout the period you are exhibiting, such that you never lose control. There will be no time or space limit for you to keep this going and maximise your sales.

The costs are minimal, starting at just £200pm for Chamber Members and £270pm non members. Dependent on the nature and complexity of your products/services and the amount of space you require, including the activity of your chosen student. The only additional costs are those with transporting your products from Britain to Romania and return. There are weekly direct flights from Luton to Craiova (3 hours length of flight) plenty of designated hotels with which we have negotiated a very good rate and our local Craiova office will arrange transfers and any necessary assistance.

Why  Craiova?

Your potential market consists of over 100 local authorities and 14, 000 companies active in all aspects of industry, aerospace, defence, heavy industry, manufacturing, agriculture, mining, electricity, gas, steam air conditioning, water, construction, wholesale and retail, repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles, transport and storage, 561 Hotels and restaurants, information and communication, professional, scientific and technical activities, support

Advantages of doing business in Romania

Romania has access to billions of Euro to be invested in the regions from the EU funds
Availability of public authorities to develop public-private partnerships and to support the business environment
The existence of  free production capacities which can be revamped
The existence of qualified personnel, adaptable to new technologies
The diversity of the industrial branches
The existence of a diversified sector of small and medium enterprises willing to engage in partnerships
Large multinational companies such as Ford or Honeywell which will bring along other investments and the setting up of a supply chain factories
An investment market as yet unsaturated
Business support infrastructure available

Highly skilled workers at competitive rates

Who to contact?

To find out more please contact either Maureen Frost at Hampshire Chamber of Commerce, 01329 242420 email maureen.frost@hampshirechamber.co.uk or Calin Huma at BRIDGE email calin@bridge2romania.com

Other Services

If you are interested in finding out more about opening an office or production facility in Romania we can help with initial information, arranging visits, undertaking market research etc.  Facilities in Romania are heavily subsidised meaning that we can put together a very attractive package for those looking to expand their business overseas


BRIDGE is a trading platform opening up opportunties for trading with Romanian businesses, information on proposed Local Authority projects and access to potential bidding partners.  Registration on BRIDGE is free to Hampshire Chamber members – do go in and check and update your record and preferences at www.bridge2romania.com


Posted by Bridge on Thursday, May 21, 2015

For more information om how BRIDGE could help your business in Romania view our short video